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ROBOLIGHTS Epic Holiday Light Display in Palm Springs (Vlog)

Charlie and I spent five days in Palm Desert during Christmas. Charlie’s parents live down there, and my parents and younger brother decided to come too! So it was an epic family holiday! One day we were watching a show on TLC about awesome holiday light displays, and they covered one right there in Palm Springs! It’s called Robolights, and it’s created by artist Kenny Irwin. So, we HAD to go. And it was INCREDIBLE. A little bizarre, but so cool! Tons of neat sculptures and amazing light set ups. Some of the displays were a little off-the-wall, but if you like art, you’d definitely appreciate it. And it’s suitable for kids too, though some of the sculptures are a little adult themed (but nothing really inappropriate)! I’d highly recommend it.

Nicki Minaj Anaconda Video

Nicki Minaj just dropped the music video for “Anaconda.” I just watched it. Yowzaz. My first impressions…

SO. MUCH. ASS. But we can’t really be surprised by that, can we? I mean, did you SEE the cover art? All booty. Now, I don’t love the song. I like that it feels more old school Nicki in that it’s a dirty rap song, but the sampled Sir Mix-a-Lot “Baby Got Back” clips are so redundant and make me start to feel a little like a psychopath toward the end. That said, I don’t hate it. I actually like it, but I wish there was a bit more variety in the melody…but maybe that’s not the point.

Ok, back to the music video. I feel like this is Katy Perry’s “Roar” music video had it gotten a truckload of butts dropped on it (…wait, what?). The jungle setting just seems super familiar — but I get it, ANACONDA, JUNGLE. Going off on a tangent a big…how some women can get their butts to move like they’re separate entities is very impressive and mind-boggling…and there’s lots of that in this video. Nicki does a great job of shakin’ it too. There were times where I think it was definitely overly sexualized (I mean, the whole thing is, but there were times where it seemed more than just unnecessary). Also, the Drake lap dance was SO RANDOM. This whole video is based in the jungle (obviously not a real jungle, but the studio-set-up ass jungle, but STILL, keep the theme consistent, guys!), and it’s disjointed to have this end-cut with Nicki dancing up on Drake. Seems like it was done to just show how she can move? Or have a guy in the video so guys watching the vid can imagine they’re Drake? Not sure, just seemed random.

What do you guys think of it?

Epic Meal Empire Premiere at YouTube Space LA (Weekly Vlog 7.29.14)

Last week I got to see the premiere of Epic Meal Empire (brought to you by the dudes at Epic Meal Time) – it was great! These guys are hilarious, and they have a pretty awesome show. They started everything on YouTube four years ago, and now they have a deal with a network – pretty amazing to see what’s can happen all through YouTube!

The premiere was at YouTube Space LA, and it was my first time going there. It’s a really rad space and I can’t wait to go back for more events!

Oh, we also did tons of wedding planning…or rather, venue scouting. I’d say it was pretty successful. We didn’t settle on a space just yet, but we have quite a few good options to think about.

VidCon 2014!

I went to VidCon again this year — and had a blast!

Last year, I went with a Community Pass, which was a great way to do it the first year. This year, I went big and did the Industry Pass. As a YouTube creator, and someone who works in the industry, the Industry Pass was definitely the way to go. Don’t get me wrong, the Community Pass was a great way to see what VidCon is all about, but there just such rich content available for the Industry Pass holders, not to mention some great networking opportunities.

I seriously love VidCon. Not only do you learn a lot, but it is so much fun! Plus, the YouTube community is a really neat thing, so it’s awesome to be a part of that in real life, not just via the Internet.

Here’s a few pics from VidCon 2014!

Palm Desert Pool Essentials (#JuneBlogADay Post #7)

photo1 (2)We’re heading to Palm Desert this weekend to watch the World Cup, the NBA finals, and lounge by the pool. And that is it. Can’t wait.

Here are some of my essentials for a weekend of lazy pool time…

Dining and Destinations

Santa Barbara Life & Style

California Wedding Day

805 Living

Havaianas Slim Logo Pop-Up Flip Flops (Also on Amazon)

Ray Ban Wayfarers in Urban Camouflage (Blue) (Also in Grey on Amazon)

Manage Your Day-to-Day from 99u

EOS Lip Balm in Sweet Mint

Neutrogena Clear Face Liquid Lotion Sunscreen with SPF 55

Burt’s Bees Garden Tomato Toner

U Luxury Argan Oil

Lifefactory Glass and Silicone Water Bottle

Triangl Miami Mint Neoprene Bikini

Aveeno Positively Radiant Daily Moisturizer with SPF 15

What are some of your key items for a weekend by the pool? (And who do you want to win the World Cup?!)


Orange Is The New Black Season 2! (#JUNEBLOGADAY Post #6)


Orange Is The New Black cast photo.

Took me just shy of three days to watch the whole second season in its entirety (please see my previous post on my excellent binge-watching skills, thank you very much). And it was good, like really good. I especially loved the last episode — no spoilers, don’t worry — how they tied it all together so well. The ending was coincidental, yet perfectly serendipitous (you KNOW what I’m talking about if you’ve watched).

One of the things that I really like about the show, seasons one and two, is that they do such a good job with their characters! The plot, the writing, the casting, it’s all really good, but the characters and the ongoing character development is just excellent. (I found this to be true with Weeds, too, which was also created by Jenji Kohan). Just when you think you can’t stand a certain character, they show you something about their life in the next episode that makes you really feel for them (well, except for maybe Pornstache). And even the ones you love, sometimes things get thrown in there that leave a bad taste in your mouth. Bottom line, these writers, and then the actors, do a damn good job of creating and bringing to life complex and multi-faceted characters. It’s fascinating and keeps you coming back.

Can’t wait for season three.



The other night, I pulled an all-nighter, like literally didn’t get ANY sleep. It wasn’t intentional.

So, I don’t really drink coffee…ever…only like 2-3x a month. This past week, it’s been about a bajillion degrees here in Santa Barbara and a late afternoon iced coffee sounded pretty damn refreshing. First mistake.

Around 12:30am, I got SUPER tired, but ended up powering through it because I was jamming on a web design project. Second mistake. Usually for me, if I push through “first tired,” I hit “second tired” a few hours later. Not that night.

I found myself still rocking away at 3am and decided it was time for bed (I was planning to get up at 7am to weed whack my yard — more on that at another time). I laid in bed until 4:30am, not getting the teensiest bit sleepy. So not cool. After 1.5 or 2 hours of unsuccessfully trying to go to sleep, it comes time to admit defeat. You might as well get up and do something productive (with the hope that it will make you a little tired).

So, I spent about 45 minutes getting caught up on Game of Thrones while doing exercises on the floor. I also had some string cheese and popcorn (sometimes a middle of the night snack helps the sleeping!). NOTHING. Just more awake. At one point, I considered taking a chug of wine or whiskey to persuade my mind and body to go to sleep, but room temperature alcohol in a room that was about 80 degrees…not so appealing.

Sunrise was going to be at about 5:50am, so I decided to head to the beach with my camera and a good book.

The sunrise was gorgeous. And more than just that, it was so peaceful and so calm that early in the day…the only other people out being dog walkers and early morning runners. Definitely a great thing to do when faced with a little insomnia. Plus, I got some much needed time with my camera (I got it in December and haven’t spent nearly enough time playing around with it).

Around 7:30am, I went and weed whacked for like 2 hours straight. When I was done, I got some fro-yo (yes, at 10:30am…I literally waiting in my car for 5 minutes for McConnell’s to open…It was like 90 degrees out!), went home and took a bath, and then napped for 4 hours.

Here are some shots from my early morning photo sesh.


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