We had a Christmas cook-off with our friends. It was tasty.

We decided to bring “Elvis Goes to Nashville” sandwiches, our take on the “The Elvis” sandwich. Typically, “The Elvis” is bacon, banana, and peanut butter on white bread. We modified ours by cooking the bacon in bourbon, mixing Jet-Puff marshmallow fluff and butter into the peanut butter, and adding gold sprinkles on top (The King had a gold cadillac). They were really good. We didn’t win, but the three year old at the party liked ours the best.

Jackson LOVES Thanksgiving

Jackson, my 6 year old Staffie, is an amazing dog. He likes to go for drives, he likes swimming in the pool, he likes having his back scratched, and he also sits at the dinner table sometimes like a man. And sometimes when he gets a little too much energy (or is being filmed, in this case), he goes nutso. Here’s a little compilation from Thanksgiving 2012.

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