April Favorites | Skincare & Beauty Faves – April 2015

I’m resurrecting monthly favorites! So, without further ado…here are my April faves! (Direct links to products below!)





  1. Fresh Soy Facial Cleanser
  2. Neutrogena Clear Pore Cleanser/Mask
  3. NXY Soft Matte Lip Cream in Addis Adaba (bright fuschia), Antwerp (soft coral), Tokyo (soft baby pink), Stockholm (warm taupe), and London (light tan).
  4. Amore Pacific Treatment Enzyme Peel
  5. L’Oréal True Match Super Blendable Foundation

BONE BROTH: The Benefits & How To Make It

Bone broth is super trendy lately – and for good reason! It is SO good for you! It’s also very easy and affordable to make. I’m obsessed.


  • Helps heal & seal your gut
  • Improves digestive health
  • Helps you grow strong, healthy bones
  • Promotes healthy hair, skin, and nails
  • Reduces joint pain & inflammation
  • Prevents infection


  • 5 pounds beef marrow, knuckle, & meaty bones
  • Salt (optional), pepper, & other spices, to taste
  • ½ cup raw apple cider vinegar
  • 4 celery stalks, chopped
  • 1 cup of chopped carrots
  • 1 large onion, quartered
  • Handful of fresh parsley
  • Handful of fresh thyme
  • 3 bay leaves
  • Olive oil
  • Water


  • Preheat the oven to 350 degrees
  • Coat bones in olive oil, place on baking sheet, & put in the oven for approximately 30 minutes, until their golden brown
  • Put roasted bones in a large stock pot, add apple cider vinegar & water, & simmer for 1 hour
  • Add water as needed to cover the bones, & periodically skim the scum from the top of the water & discard
  • After 1 hour, add vegetables & spices, & bring it all to a boil
  • Reduce to a low simmer, cover, & cook for 24-72 hours (if you’re not comfortable leaving it simmering overnight, turn off the heat & let it sit overnight, then turn it back on & let it simmer all day the next day)
  • Let the broth cool, strain it (optional), & enjoy!

4 Ways to Rock a Fur Vest

I have been obsessed with fur vests lately, and for Christmas, Charlie bought me TWO that had recently caught my eye. (Spoiler alert, they’re BOTH from Target, talk about a STEAL!)

You can do a lot of different looks with a fur vest (or faux fur, in my case) – casual, effortlessly chic, night on the town, fancy, etc. So today, I wanted to share four different looks using two different fur vests.

Plaid & Camo Casual  





Neutral & Flowy Chic 



Light Basics with a Dramatic Lip





All Black with a Pop of Red




Find the look!

Click here for the EXACT brown vest from Target. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the grey one on their site anymore! 🙁

(Some of the thumbnails below are showing different colors than in my photos, but I’ve included the items because a color matching what I wore is available, so feel free to browse the available color options!)

How To Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions // Setting SMART Goals

So, it’s the first week of January, which means we’re all being super diligent with those New Year’s Resolutions we made, right? I mean, if you’ve already fallen off the wagon, I’m not sure there’s any hope for you…JUST KIDDING — keep reading/watching!

Today, I want to give you a few tips for how to make resolutions you can keep.

1. Choose goals that are important to you. You may have a hundred things you want to do differently this year, but don’t put them all on the list. That might sound obvious, but I’m sure we all get tempted by tons of things we should do, but don’t want to do. Yet, there are also probably a lot of things that we should do that we also want to do, so pick those goals. That way, you’ll be less inclined to half-ass it…and you should always use your full-ass.

2. Choose goals you believe you can achieve. Believing in yourself is really helpful with being able to kick your goals in the butt.

3. Establish a routine with trigger actions. For example, if you want to read a certain number of pages in however many books this year, then alter your routine to make that happen. For example, a trigger action for that could be, while my evening cup of tea is brewing after work, I’m going to grab my book and put it on the couch so that when my tea is ready, I’ll read my 25 pages. Or, every day after work, I’m going to change immediately into my workout clothes and head back out the door for a run.

4. Adjust your surroundings. If you can change things in your environment to help you to achieve your goals, then do it. For instance, and this isn’t necessarily one of my goals, but I often resort to working from my couch instead of my desk. I know I’m more productive at my desk, but I use it as a storage space and it gets hectic, so I don’t like to sit there to be creative and productive. By giving my desk a little makeover, it makes it more inviting as a workspace and that much easier to change my habits and actions.

5. Identify reasons you might fail. That way, you’ll be prepared to face them and fight them when those roadblocks come up. Imagine all the possible reasons why you might break certain resolutions or not reach your goals, and then think of actionable plans for how you avoid falling into those traps.

6. Make sure your goals are measurable, and set up recurring times to track your progress. Saying “I want to eat healthier and lose 10 pounds” is fine, but setting up benchmarks and timelines for how you’re going to get there, and how you’ll be able to track your progress against certain milestones is very important. Tracking your progress is great because it’s encouraging and exciting to see yourself move forward on your goals, but it also helps you to assess what else is needed and any adjustments you should make to your habits in order to make sure you’re going to achieve that goal at the end of the year.

Thanks for watching and reading! What are your New Year’s Resolutions or goals for 2015? Here are my resolutions/goals for 2015.

2014 Year In Review / 2015 Resolutions


2014 was a big year. When thinking back on it, the best word that comes to mind is TRANSITION. There were great transitions – AMAZING ones – but there were also really tough, shitty ones too. Here’s my top 5 of 2014.

  1. I got engaged!!! (read the story and watch the proposal here)
  2. I lost my Nana. (see how beautiful she was here)
  3. I left a company I’d been at for 4 years.
  4. and then…started my own business! (more on that later)
  5. I started living about 50/50 between Santa Barbara and Hollywood and finally started to really remodeling my house in Santa Barbara.


As you can see, these are all HUGE things. All transitional, major life changes. Most totally awesome, some tough and uncomfortable, and fewer (thankfully) really sucky. And yet, I wouldn’t change a thing about it. I have a very good feeling about this coming year, that all the grinding and discomfort of the past year will really be paying off in big ways, that a lot of things will fall into place. Anyone else have that feeling?

And without further ado, here are my 2015 resolutions. Actually, there is “further ado”…the word “resolutions” is such a loaded term. So many people “don’t make resolutions” or “don’t believe in them;” I’m not really one of those people. Let me be clear, I don’t think you use the excuse of the New Year to change bad habits or make important life changes – you should do that when you need to do it, not just at the end of the year. But I also feel very strongly that you should set measurable, actionable goals for yourself, your career, and your life each year. So, my 2015 goals = my 2015 resolutions. Po-tay-to, po-tah-to. Here they are… (and yes, it’s gonna look long, you’re gonna think I’m hyper-ambitious, and you might even think I’m going to fall flat on these by February…but let me prove you wrong. Sidenote: If you want some tips for how to keep your resolutions, check out this video.)

  1. Career Goals (Commentary: I started my own business in August 2014, and it’s been an exciting and fulfilling ride thus far. I’m excited to see it continue to grow!)
    1. Email 5 new client prospects each week (and then continue to follow up with prospects on a weekly basis).
    2. Primarily sell my standard 3-month or 6-month social media plan.
    3. Earn a specific income amount by working a specific amount of hours.
  2. Fitness Goals (Commentary: Ever since I stopped working 9-5 in an office – or more like 8-7 – which I in no way regret, it’s been tougher for me to maintain my healthy diet and exercise schedule, so I’m feeling a little out of shape these days! And I’ve got a wedding in 8 months, so I gotta get fit!)
    1. Get back to peak fitness.
    2. Workout 4 times per week for at least an hour.
    3. Allow myself 2 cheat meals each week (as long as I do my 4 workouts).
    4. Do 2 races (like a Tough Mudder, a half marathon, a 10k, etc.).
    5. Log food and exercise each day in MyFitnessPal.
    6. Drink a gallon of water each day.
  3. Blogging & Vlogging Goals (Commentary: I LOVE blogging and vlogging, and I only recently decided to take it much more seriously so that I can do it more and more…heck, maybe it turns into my job. *Dreams.* So, this year, I’m really going to dig down and build this blog! Stay tuned.)
    1. Stick to my weekly vlogging and blogging schedule (which I’m already a day late on, due to temperamental internet while I was trying to upload this week’s vlog yesterday…grr…). Said schedule is one weekly uncut vlog (typically Tuesdays), one weekly video tutorial, review, or list of tips (typically Thursdays), and one weekly photo- and text-based blog post.
    2. I also want to do more partnerships and collaborations in the coming year. There are so many amazing bloggers, vloggers, and brands out there that I love to follow, and I want to team up more! (hint hint…if you’re interested in collaborating, contact me!)
    3. Go outside and take photos at least once a week. This doesn’t have to be for a specific blog post or anything like that. I spend so much time on my phone and computer for work – and I love that! – but sometimes I don’t take time to get outside and just ENJOY being out in the world and in the moment. (The photos in this post were from this past weekend’s photo sesh during a super-casual walk Charlie and I took in Hollywood!)
  4. Travel Goals (Commentary: I worked really hard this past year, and while I played hard too, I haven’t done much traveling lately, and I don’t want to get in the habit of letting that slip by the wayside. I love to travel. It doesn’t have to be some extravagant trip or anything, I just love to see new places, and I want to do more of that this year! Here’s where I want to go…)
    1. D.C. (girls trip planned with friends from college in the Spring)
    2. Savannah, GA (trip planned in February)
    3. Tahoe
    4. Camping trip
    5. Tropical Vacation for HONEYMOON (!!!!!!)
  5. Go to church twice a month. Because I’m living between Santa Barbara and Hollywood so much these days, I’ve been bad about going to church regularly. My “home church” is in Santa Barbara, and we don’t really have a church in LA, so that doesn’t help. So part of the process will be to find a church we really like in LA and to get involved there and start going.

What are some of your goals for 2015? How do you plan to keep track of them? How do you plan to kick them in the butt? I wanna hear!


Interested in copying this look? Check out the products below!

ROBOLIGHTS Epic Holiday Light Display in Palm Springs (Vlog)

Charlie and I spent five days in Palm Desert during Christmas. Charlie’s parents live down there, and my parents and younger brother decided to come too! So it was an epic family holiday! One day we were watching a show on TLC about awesome holiday light displays, and they covered one right there in Palm Springs! It’s called Robolights, and it’s created by artist Kenny Irwin. So, we HAD to go. And it was INCREDIBLE. A little bizarre, but so cool! Tons of neat sculptures and amazing light set ups. Some of the displays were a little off-the-wall, but if you like art, you’d definitely appreciate it. And it’s suitable for kids too, though some of the sculptures are a little adult themed (but nothing really inappropriate)! I’d highly recommend it.

Wintery Holiday Nail Look – Neutral and Frosty Glitter!

This is a great nail look for winter and the holidays. It’s neutral with a little frosty bling, so honestly, you could even wear it year round. I’ve been sporting this look quite a bit this winter season. It looks really impressive, gets a lot of compliments, and it’s surprisingly easy. Watch the video above to learn how to do it!

(I’m using CND Shellac Nail Polishes, which are a gel hybrid polish. This is a specialty nail polish that I don’t recommend unless you’re willing to put the time into learning how to properly apply it. It’s also more costly than regular nail polish (plus you have to use a UV light to cure each coat of polish), so you have to be willing to put down a little money in the beginning too. If you’re willing to put the time and money into it, then I DO recommend these polishes. 90% of the time, I’m wearing Shellac over normal nail polish. As much as I can be a girly girl, I’m pretty tough on my hands, so normal polish chips way too easily. With Shellac, I can rock a beautiful manicure without chipping for 2-3 weeks!)

  1. Apply a base coat.
  2. Apply two coats of neutral color polish.
  3. Let the second color coat try enough so that it’s not wet, but so it is a little tacky to the touch.
  4. Using a precise makeup brush or paint brush, apply loose glitter to the tips of each nail.
  5. Using your finger, wipe away any glitter from the skin, and press your finger onto the glittery tips of each nail to lift off any excess glitter (so we don’t gunk up our top coat polish brush with glitter!).
  6. Apply at least two coats of top coat (loose glitter has a tendency to poke through one layer of polish, so two will really seal it in and make the nails nice and smooth).

Here are the products I used, as well as some alternate polishes if you’re not using CND Shellac.


  1. CND Shellac Base Coat – $13
  2. CND Shellac Bare Chemise Color Coat – $18
  3. CND Shellac Top Coat – $13
  4. Supernail Loose Glitter in Silver Rush – $5
  5. OPI Natural Nail Base Coat – $7
  6. OPI Barre My Soul Color Coat – $8
  7. OPI Top Coat – $9
  8. Tropical Shine Cushion Pink Nail File (Fine) – $1
  9. Beauty Secrets Coarse 100 Grit Black Nail File – $1
  10. Napoleon Perdis Small Eye Brush – $20
  11. Sephora Collection Cuticle Pusher – $14
  12. Revlon Cuticle Trimmer – $4
  13. Tweezerman Nail Clipper Set – $9


Screen Shot 2014-12-12 at 4.51.17 PM

I know, I know, that sounds super dramatic. But so far, wedding planning hasn’t exactly been fun for me, which, if you know me, is a little surprising. I LOVE this kind of stuff. (And if my wedding planner is reading this, NONE of this is a reflection of you. You are awesome, so patient and helpful, and I am so relieved to have you as part of my wedding planning team! xo!)

I got engaged in the end of February (read that story here) and have made what feels to ZERO progress wedding planning. We haven’t set a date, we have no venue, nada. I’m basically failing at it.

Well, that’s not completely true. In the past ten months (holy crap, I’VE BEEN ENGAGED FOR TEN MONTHS?!?! Get it together, Salaun! Plan that wedding!), I’ve chosen a wedding planner, set my budget, seen about a bazillion venues, done lots of pinning on Pinterest, and started the beginnings of the registry process (last weekend I registered for ONE thing on Amazon…progress!).

When it’s all written out like that, it feels like I’ve actually done SOMETHING, but for 10 months of being engaged, I definitely feel like I should have done a bit more. (We’ve always planned to get married in August/September of 2015, so we haven’t postponed the wedding or anything due to lack of planning, we’ve just shortened our allotted planning time).

But back to the hating wedding planning thing…I wouldn’t say that I currently hate wedding planning. I think I’ve finally reached the turning point where I’m excited about it again (don’t get me wrong, I was SO excited to get engaged, I have absolutely LOVED being engaged ever since, and I am so pumped to marry to Charlie… it’s just the planning an actual wedding part that is more the headache.) I went to a good friend’s wedding last weekend — Congrats to the Givens!!! — and it helped propel me out of the grumpy planning phase. BUT, before that turning point, every time I dove into wedding planning, I came out on the other end stressed, having a bridezilla-lite freak outs on the regular, and just not wanting to do it. At all. And also feeling extreme guilt every time I saw friends or acquaintances because the go-to conversation starter when you get engaged is “How’s wedding planning going?” My response was always, “Not any further than the last time we talked! Soooo, pretty much nothing.”

And here’s why…

Inside my head, and sometimes on the outside (*sheepish smirk*), I’m a princess. I don’t have one of those wedding binders with all the details already planned for my dream wedding, nothing like that. But, like probably every girl out there, I want to have a FANTASTIC wedding. In my head, I’d love to have a $100k wedding (imagine all you could do!!!), but practically speaking (and even if I had an extra $100-grand to throw at a wedding), that is a bit excessive. Frankly, as princessy as I can be, spending an astronomical amount of money on a wedding just doesn’t make sense to me. I think that amount of money can go a lot further on a number of other things (like buying a house, taking an epic vacation, paying off student loans, getting a new car, investing in something, etc.).

But let’s be honest, the princess in me is at odds with the financially practical side.

We’re planning to get married in the Santa Barbara area (right now, our top venue choice is in Camarillo). This area is one of the most expensive places to get married. It’s a destination wedding location for many people. The average cost of a wedding in the U.S. is $30k (excluding the honeymoon), while the average cost of a wedding in Santa Barbara is nearly $45k (minus the honeymoon). I just started my own business, so I want my wedding to be as economical as possible. Pretty tough when you’re planning a wedding in the 6th most expensive place in the country! And then, when I go to see venues that fit in my budget, they fall dramatically short of the wedding I’m picturing in my head. So, this beginning step, finding a venue, mostly ends in disappointment. None of the venues (aside from the one that was half my entire budget) feel like the right now. Oh, I also have a ginormous family and want all my family and friends to be able to come, which doesn’t alleviate the budget concerns at all.

I do think that choosing your venue is one of the toughest pieces of the wedding planning puzzle. The venue sets the stage for the entire wedding, so it has to feel just right. You have to be able to visualize your entire wedding there. And then it has to fit the price too.

I will also say that right now, in my life, everything is huge and life-changing. I started my own business shortly after getting engaged, I’m remodeling (aka nearly completely rebuilding) my house in Santa Barbara, oh, and I’m planning a wedding. All, huge, things. If you didn’t already know, my fiancé and I don’t currently live in the same city either. I’m based in Santa Barbara, while he’s full-time based in Hollywood (my work does allow me to split my time about 50/50 between the two cities though). So, wedding planning also involves planning to move my life to a whole different city. Another HUGE thing. (Don’t worry, SB peeps, I’ll still be in Santa Barbara about 1-2 days a week, but will most likely be based in Hollywood, rather than based in Santa Barbara). So, as you can see, wedding planning has often been put on the back-burner, for obvious reasons.

Like I said above though, we’ve narrowed our venue options down to a top favorite, and I’m feeling good about it (I’m just seeing one more option this weekend before making my decision). And the wedding I went to last weekend really re-inspired me to get back into the wedding planning game, and I can tell I’ve rounded the corner out of “I hate wedding planning!” town, and it feels good. (Trust me, I know there will be more freak outs, but over all, I’m in a better place with it.)

If you’re feeling like you’re in a wedding planning rut or you just do not like it, it’ll change. It might take 10 months, but it will. And a good thing to keep in mind is that while yes, your wedding is a reflection of you and your fiancé and you want it to embody everything you both are in your love and fabulousness together, but it’s also a reflection of where you are right now, at this point in your lives. It doesn’t define you or dictate your worth as individuals or as a couple, and it doesn’t have to be the end-all celebration of your life together. Saying that out loud seems like an “oh duh” statement, but I think we get wrapped up in trying to make this day something more than it is. Don’t get me wrong, I think weddings are incredibly meaningful, precious, and wonderful, but it doesn’t define your relationship or your future as husband and wife. And that’s something to keep in mind (talking to myself here!).



It’s finally starting to really feel like fall in Santa Barbara! Leaves are changing colors and falling, the air is getting crisp, I might have to relight my pilot light soon, sweaters are (sometimes) necessary, I’ve worn socks to bed a few times (SO WEIRD, I KNOW), and Starbucks is using red cups. AND I got a cold, which is super lame. But alas, FALL!

There are so many things I absolutely love about fall — sweet potatoes, Thanksgiving!!!, cozying up by the fireplace, warm drinks, soup — but I especially love dressing for fall. So, here’s a super easy, casual fall outfit that is great for that transitional summer/fall weather (which, yes, we’re still experiencing here in California. Sorry for those of you in in the polar vortex). For colder climates, throw on a long sweater and swap the sandals for boots!



  1. FOREVER 21 Colorblock Wool Fedora Hat • Forever 21 • $14.90 (in burgundy/navy)
  2. Nordstrom Leather Bow Felt Fedora • Nordstrom • $46.00
  3. Hat Attack Fedora • Hat Attack • $105.00
  4. Revlon Shine Lipstick Plum Velour • Revlon • $7.99
  5. Kat Von D Studded Kiss Lipstick • $21.00 (in vampira)
  6. NARS Audacious Lipstick • NARS • $32.00 (in charlotte)
  7. Fornash Signature Long Necklace • $48.00
  8. Gorjana Fancy Horn Long Necklace • Gorjana • $58.00
  9. St. John Collection Arrowhead Long Pendant Necklace • St. John • $80.00
  10. H&M – Sleeveless Blouse – Natural white – Ladies • H&M • $24.95
  11. Calvin Klein Sleeveless Blouse • Calvin Klein • $44.99
  12. Equipment Signature Super Vintage Sleeveless Silk Blouse • Equipment • $106.00
  13. Factory always skinny jeans • Gap • $24.00
  14. Joe’s The Skinny Jean • Joe’s Jeans • $84.97
  15. rag & bone/JEAN Zip Detail Skinny Jeans (Kensington) (Nordstrom Exclusive) • Rag and Bone • $151.80
  16. Carrini Buckle Strap Thong Sandal • $12.73
  17. MICHAEL Michael Kors Kayden Jelly Thong Sandals • MICHAEL Michael Kors • $69.00 (in nude)
  18. Birkenstock ‘Gizeh’ Birko-FlorTM Thong • Birkenstock • $89.95
  19. Steve Madden Danity Satchel • Steve Madden • $49.97
  20. MICHAEL Michael Kors ‘Large Hamilton’ Saffiano Leather Tote • MICHAEL Michael Kors • $358.00
  21. Givenchy Antigona Box Calf Satchel Bag, Gray • Givenchy • $1,965.00

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